Gastack Beck

I happened across this enchanting waterfall whilst driving from Kingsdale on a remote back road over the hills to Dentdale. Tucked away just off the edge of the road I almost missed it. Luckily, as I drove past, its shimmering light, glinting on the side window of the car caught my eye. The day had been dull and I didn’t expect to get a decent shot. As I approach the stream the clouds cleared just enough to allow the sun to penetrate the enclosing trees, illuminating the cascade in a magical light. There are innumerable beautiful waterfalls in the Yorkshire Dales but at that moment this was the most sensational of them all.


Gastack Beck (RS02)
Medium: Photograph
Size: 37cm x 52cm (15” X 21”)
Size Including Frame: 59cm x 75cm (23” X 29”)
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