House On The Hill









This abandoned farm house stands in an isolated position above the river Wharfe in Langstrothdale. Surrounded by trees and glorious scenery the house sadly exudes melancholy and mystery. Abandoned and neglected, yet standing proud, this is a depressing and all too familiar sight in the Yorkshire Dales.

This image has been produced using a process known as High Dynamic Range (HDR). HDR processing merges several images of the same scene (taken at different exposures) in order to capture more accurately the extremes of light and dark

House On The Hill
Medium: Photograph
Size: 41cm x 28cm (16” X 11”)
Size Including Frame: 67cm x 54cm (26” X 21”)
UK Price (Inc VAT)
£75 (Print) £85 (Mtd Print) £130 (Framed)

House On The Hill: