Pendragon Castle

Located on the banks of the river Eden in the dramatic Vale of Mallerstang, this atmospheric castle is reputed to have been founded by Uther Pendragon, father of the legendary King Arthur. However, apart from legend and supposition, there is no real evidence that there was any building here before the Normans erected the castle in the 12th Century. The very name ‘Pendragon’ conjures fantasy visions of bold knights, damsels in distress and scaly monsters breathing smoke and fire!

The atmosphere and mood on the day this image was taken certainly made it easy to believe in all of this. When subsequently researching these notes, it came as little surprise to discover that in its long history the castle had twice fallen victim to the ravages of fire. In 1341 a raiding Scottish army set fire to the castle. After being rebuilt in 1360, it was again left in ruins from a fire in 1541. In the mid 17th Century the castle was restored by Lady Anne Clifford, but it gradually fell back into ruin following her death.

Now, all that remains is a romantic ruin set in glorious scenery.

Pendragon Castle
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Pendragon Castle: